Study Group for the Protocols for the Complement Channels of the Complete Acupuncture System: the Sinew, Luo, Divergent, Eight Extraordinary and Primary Channels.

What is Advanced Acupuncture?

Advanced Acupuncture is a return to the source texts on Acupuncture: The Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic) made of up two parts: the Ling Shu 靈樞經 and Su Wen 素問. Here we are reminded of all the Acupuncture Channels in their entirety. The 12 Sinew channels, the 14 Luo channels, the 12 Divergent channels, the 8 Extraordinary channels and the 12 Primary channels. By working in a living lineage we are able to learn what the poetic language of the texts was intended to say. Our living teachers have absorbed this knowledge and regurgitate it through a modern lens that has been shaped by clinical practice.

The Study Group

This is a point of contact for practitioners in New Zealand that are pursuing an understanding of the Complement Channels as taught by Jeffrey Yuen, and his long-term students Ann Cecil-Sterman and Sean Tuten.

This is also for students that are currently undertaking the 2022 Online Mentorship Programme with Sean Tuten that honours the classics of Chinese Medicine while prioritizing clinical diagnosis, practice, and specialized treatment techniques.  The full curriculum is over 84 hours of continuing education that covers the Primary and Complement Channels of Acupuncture.

Your Host

If TCM school taught me anything it was that Chinese Medicine is a life long pursuit.

I was extremely excited when I discovered that Ann Cecil-Sterman had published a Clinical Manual for the entire Acupuncture Channel system, teaching that she received from Dr Jeffrey Yuen.

Ann has since been travelling the world teaching the practical side of the teachings that accompany the theory and instructions in her book.
I am lucky to have been to Australia on three occasions to learn the Sinew channels, Luo vessels, and Extraordinary Channels. The latter beginning taught by Sean Tuten, Ann’s protégé.

With global lockdowns Sean Tuten is currently teaching the entire system online this year.

I have been inspired to create this meeting point for Advanced Acupuncture students here in New Zealand. I am organising study days to practice the techniques that accompany Sean Tuten’s 2022 mentorship program.

Feel free to get in touch,
So excited for anyone diving into this system,

Ngā mihi nui, Ada Sobieszczuk